5 Ways Video Walls Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Video walls, no doubt, are one of the greatest marketing tools available today. The bigger the size, the more it captures the attention of viewers while bringing them into an immersive experience. Many brands strategically include video walls in their marketing campaigns because of the many benefits it can bring.

If you want to find out more, here are five ways video walls can improve your marketing efforts.

Flexible advertising alternative

Video walls are highly flexible, which makes it a valuable tool when marketers need to change content quickly. With so many competitors offering similar products, reacting to changes in the market or your competitors’ tactics is only a click away.

You have the flexibility to change the content on your video walls to keep your target audience’s focus on you. If you need to launch a new product, you can quickly introduce it via a video wall. On the other hand, you can also use it to retain your existing customers by regularly informing them of improvements to your product.

Since you have flexibility with your video wall’s content, you can easily engage your customers by displaying different types of content that appeal to them.

Reduces marketing costs

Ads on traditional signs, billboards, or newspapers are costly enough in the first place, but since you will have to replace your ads eventually, your expenses will continue to pile up.

A cutting costs concept

Video walls, on the other hand, are more cost-effective since its content is easy to change and the accompanying costs are much more affordable compared with traditional advertising channels. Video walls can also last for a very long time when you consider that even an average LED or LCD screen can last up to ten years.

Easily grabs attention

Giant full-screen video walls are captivating, bold and easily capture the attention of your target customers. People also find it non-intrusive since it does not encroach on their personal space.

What video walls need are high-quality videos, even better if these come in 4K resolution, that will pop on screen and attract the audience’s attention. Drawing your customers’ attention the moment they walk through the door is a challenge that all marketers face these days. Standing out from your competition is a must, and you can do this by using video walls and combining it with attention-grabbing marketing messages.

Enhances brand recognition and engagement

Video walls are great for drawing people’s attention and increasing brand recognition because it can display eye-catching visuals. Keep in mind that there are other opportunities for video walls such as adding audio branding to a video wall display. Combining audio and visuals in your video wall allows you to use a two-pronged strategy that will help strengthen messages to your audience.

There is also an opportunity with multi-touch display video walls, which can drive interaction between brands and their consumers. Consumers will love the novelty of interactive features, which will help you in driving brand engagement and sustaining loyalty from your customers.

A Brand building concept

Once you engage customers through video walls, you can deliver your marketing message to them in a concise but exciting manner. One thing for sure is that more people will see your message if it is on a video rather than if it is shown in a small format.

They are portable

One of the greatest benefits of a video wall is that it is portable. There are many occasions when your brands might need to target various locations or localize messages depending on the area. Where you will have to get multiple billboards in different locations to reach a wider audience, which will require additional time, money, and effort, video walls are much easier to manage because of its portability.

If you need to move a video wall from its original spot, you do not have to move the entire video wall structure. You can have it professionally disassembled and re-installed in a new location. If your marketing campaign requires targeting various areas, you can easily schedule your video walls to go from one area to another. This will make the whole process much more convenient for you.

Once you find the right way to utilise your video walls, your marketing efforts will improve while reaching a wider audience at a minimum cost. Hopefully, your investment will eventually yield high returns in the long run.

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