5 Reasons Why I Want To Buy An iPhone 7

It is not long until Apple finally announces the new iPhone 7 range so I thought it was time to put pen to paper to tell you five reasons why I would like to buy an iPhone 7 soon after it hits the market.

1) High quality camera for photography

A friend who is very interested in photography has an iPhone 6S as well as thousands of pounds invested in Leica M240 rangefinder cameras and top quality Leica Summicron lenses. He regularly publishes excellent photos on his facebook page and I can never tell if hey have been shot on his iPhone or Leica.

Photos taken by his Leica do look great on a large screen or blown up to large sizes for hanging on the wall, but for social media type resolutions, his iPhone 6S is perfectly good and has the great advantage of being with you to capture those fleeting images that are so suitable for facebook, Twitter and instagram.

I am also interested in photography so having a great camera is important when I choose a smartphone.

Judging by all the rumours, the IPhone 7 will have a better camera than the 6S – better low light capability, faster aperture and more powerful processing – however it is likely that the iPhone 7 Plus will have the new dual lens camera, instead of the iPhone 7 Pro, which rumours predict will be cancelled.

The dual lens camera is exciting because it allows optical zooming, which retains image quality as you zoom, instead of the loss of picture quality using the digital zooming in the other phones on the market.

The dual lens system will also give you greater control of your photography such as blurring backgrounds to give emphasis to your subject in the foreground and bring smartphone photography much closer to DSLR quality.

So I find the prospect of much better quality photography with the iPhone 7 very appealing, although it looks like I will have to pay more for the Plus version to reap the benefits of that dual lens camera.

2) Better video quality

For a smartphone, the iPhone 6S shoots pretty good video. If you want 4K, the iPhone 6 delivers, although the quality can suffer as the phone compresses the video and its slow motion mode is also shot as low resolution qualities.

The power of iPhone videography is achieved by using apps like Filmic Pro which extend the video capabilities of the iPhone, making it capable of shooting surprisingly high quality video.

Filmic Pro make much of the fact that a feature film with worldwide mainstream distribution was shot entirely on an iPhone using their app.

THe improved camera and the dual lens system in the iPhone 7 Plus can only improve video quality and when good apps like Filmic Pro adapt to take advantage of the latest hardware in the iPhone 7 phones, you can expect to see very good video shot on these smartphones.

3) Waterproofing

The Samsung S7 wins the crown for its IP68 level of water resistance. Samsung claims that is is waterproof to 1 metre, which opens the way to use it as an action camera as long as you don’t go too deep!

iPhone 6 smartphones left in rain

Evenn the latest Motorola phones offer reasonable levels of water resistance, if not to the S7 standards, so iPhones have been falling behind in this important area.

Rumours point to the iPhone 7’s having water proofing, although I haven’t heard how waterproof they will actually be. That they will be protected from water ingress is welcome, particularly as I once inadvertently left my iPhone 4S in a trouser pocket, which was subjected to a full wash cycle in the washing machine. Oops!

4) Better screens and display resolutions

Existing iPhone screens are started to look outdated by the high resolution OLED displays on new phones such as the Samsung S7. Notice my frequent referrals to the S7 in this article – I think it is the best phone on the market at the moment.

The iPhone 6 phones don’t even have 1080P display resolutions so I have high hopes that the iPhone 7 range will be at least 1080P capable, although rumours still indicate that they will be graced with backlit LCD rather than OLED technologies.

It does seem likely that the iPhone 7 will have an edge-to-edge glass display so that will make the phone look more modern and appealing. I just hope that the screens are toughend as I have seen plenty of iPhones with that dreaded shattered screen look.

5) IOS

After about 4 years with iPhones, I moved to an Android phone, which is pretty good, but it has taken me a while to transition to the android interface. In my opinion it isn’t better, or worse than IOS, just different. If I bought an iPhone 7, I would adapt back to the user interface very quickly and in fact I would rather use IOS than Android.

I also feel uncomfortable with the power of Google data acquisition that always seems to lurk behind Android. I often wonder why Google have invested so much money in developing and continually updating the Android operating system. I can only wonder (and worry) about how much data we unwittingly send to Google about ourselves when we use an Android phone.

Of course Apple are very likely to capture and analyse personal data from the IOS operating system, but it feels to me that Apple is less pervasive than Google.

It’s Fun To Speculate

Bear in mind that this is all speculation based on market rumours and leaks. It’s fun to try and predict what the new range of iPhones will be like, but I hope it explains why I will be very interested in the new iPhone 7 and may well sell my Android phone and become an Apple deciple once again.

It would be great to hear in the comments below why you might buy, or steer clear of, an iPhone 7 when it hits the market in September.

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