5 Health Investments That Will Save you Money in the Long Run

If you look after your body from an early age you will invest in your future health. Ill health can be costly, and it’s important that you are aware of the expensive damage that can be caused by over eating, stress, and general poor lifestyle choices.

Invest in your health and save money

1. Your ears are vital

In most cases once you’ve lost your hearing, that’s it, you won’t be able to hear the TV, talk to your friends easily and you may have to invest in a hearing aid from Hidden Hearing in order to communicate with the rest of the world.

There are many ways in which you can safeguard your hearing in order to protect your ears from deafness for as long as possible. If you go to a loud concert, make sure that you wear earplugs, never have the volume on your iPod on too high. If you work with noisy machinery ensure that you wear ear protectors.

2. Invest in sunscreen

According to the British Skin Foundation 100,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year in the UK. The high incidence of this disease can be attributed to sun worshippers not investing in adequate protection when sunbathing.

Cancer in any form is serious. Treatment often entails days off work, worry and pain for the sufferer and family and friends. 2,500 people die from this disease every year. If you are considering going out in the summer, always protect yourself with an adequate sunscreen, never go out in the midday sun and do not spend too much time taking in those powerful rays.

3. Keep your mind active

Investing in your brain is never a bad thing. Studies show that those who continue to read, absorb new information and engage in intellectual pursuits, have a better chance of keeping their mental acuity than those who become couch potatoes on retirement.

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is a wonderful resource that promotes learning for older members of the population, and most parts of the UK have a U3A network. The courses are fun and it’s a great way for older people to make new friends with common interests.

4. Invest in the physical

A recent article in The Guardian highlights the fact that those who exercise have a better chance of staving off strokes, heart disease and diabetes. Dealing with any illness can be costly in terms of time as well as causing financial problems.

If you can’t work as a result of a stroke, you’ll soon find that your quality of life will diminish and you’ll also face problems meeting your financial commitments unless you have good insurance in place. It’s far better to stick to a regime of regular exercise to protect your health than suffer a major illness as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

5. Your body is your temple

Parties are great, but if you constantly indulge in nicotine, excessive alcohol and dodgy greasy food you will bear the consequences in later years. Heavy drinking can lead to dementia as well as physical problems.

If you set an early pattern for a healthy life, you’ll live longer, spend less on your health, and you’ll be happier.

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