5 Essentials Senior Travel Insurance Should Cover

Over the past years, seniors or older adults have been working day in and day out to earn a living. For most of them, travelling was never in their dreams. Today, many seniors have the luxury of travelling across the globe, thanks to faster flights, better accommodations and senior travel insurance.

Seniors, who are 65 years old and above, have more needs than their younger counterparts. That’s why purchasing a travel insurance that provides all their needs is essential. What is the five essential senior travel insurance should cover?

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

The best travel insurance for the elderly should include pre-existing medical conditions. These are diseases the individual has before he or she subscribed to an insurance policy. If you’re over 65 years old and you want to choose travel insurance, make sure it covers your pre-existing medical conditions. This will protect you from high medical costs as a result of a recurring condition.

No Age Limit

For seniors, there is a travel risk because of their age. However, when you’re a senior, and you’re covered by a travel insurance, you will feel safe and secure, no matter where you are. However, some travel insurance companies only give a specified age bracket on who can avail of the benefits.

When you’re looking for an annual travel insurance for seniors, make sure they do not have an age limit. The insurance should cover the ages of 65 to 100 years old.

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Baggage Insurance

Every insurance, including the single trip travel insurance, should cover the luggage. When you’re travelling, there are instances that you might forget your bags somewhere or someone will take it from you. Older adults, for example, are more forgetful than younger people. Thus, it is important that the baggage is included in the insurance policy.

Evacuation Coverage

In the instance that you might encounter an accident or you acquired an illness, the insurance should cover all the arrangements for medically necessary evacuations. The insurance coverage can help the patient get home after they got treated in the health facility.

Moreover, there should be emergency medical evacuations available throughout the day. Thus, when a senior needs urgent medical help, he or she can be evacuated immediately.

Travel Cancellations

A senior travel insurance should also cover trip cancellations and flight rebooking. This is the number one concern among travellers. The plane tickets, cruise fare, hotel rooms and tour packages are included in the insurance coverage.

However, the insurance company will reimburse these expenses if you need to cancel the trip before the scheduled departure. The reasons behind the cancellation should be due to an illness, the death of the insured or any of the family members, disasters like hurricanes and snowstorms, being laid off from work, a terrorist incident, called for jury duty or bankruptcy of the travel agency or supplier.

Seniors need extra attention when they’re travelling because they’re prone to diseases. They should have a travel insurance coverage to make sure they’re safe and secure while on a trip locally and in another country.

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