5 Easy Fixes to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence plays a hugely important role in you living a happy and fulfilling life.

After all, there are many influences these days that adversely impact people’s perceptions of themselves, such as social media and the mean comments that often come with almost any discussion over the internet. It’s a sorry situation, but it’s vital that you don’t get buried under all these digital piles of negativity. You have value, even if it takes some time to bring yourself around to that outlook.

Fortunately, there are some fairly easy fixes you can get working on as soon as today. What are you waiting for? Here are 5 easy fixes to help you boost your self-confidence.

Focus On Your Mindset First

The keyword in boosting your self-confidence is ‘self’, and you need to devote your attention to that side of things mentally before you move a muscle.

In other words, you are making changes for yourself only. This isn’t a project to appease others, or even to correct something that others perceive as being ‘wrong’ with you. Your efforts are about your own personal evaluation of yourself, so probe your own mind with questions such as:

Making a checklist

  • How do I measure my self-worth? Are you making changes to copy someone else or a ‘social norm’, or do you simply feel like you’re undertaking an organic step in your life?
  • What changes can I reasonably make? Some people can set unrealistic objectives in their quest for self-improvement, thereby being more likely to be setting themselves up for disappointment. For example, wanting to be fit and healthy in a couple of days simply won’t happen.
  • Do You Need Any Help? Much of the stigma around seeking mental wellbeing support is slowly ebbing away, so it’s never been easier to consult doctors or therapists in times of need.

Unfortunately, the quest for building your self-confidence can be quite destructive if your reasoning behind it is somewhat warped. There’s a healthy pace to make changes in your life, and when boosting your self-confidence requires a few life changing decisions, there is a certain mentality and attitude that you should adopt for the best results. Listen to your own instincts, consult professionals if you need them, and keep an eye on the future – things will improve thereafter.

Sharpen Your Smile

Compliments around smiles are often sure-fire ways to make someone blush.

A beautiful girl smiling

You’ve heard all the cliches in the book, such as ‘your smile lights up the room’, and so forth. It’s true to a degree, in that a wide toothy grin or a mischievous smirk illuminates your character. Still, some people can be self-conscious about their smiles, and may refrain from doing so if they have crooked or stained teeth. If that’s you, don’t worry.

The good news is that oral hygiene, whether it’s for health or aesthetics only, is simple to maintain today. For example, EuroWhite offer effective yet affordable teeth whitening kits, with products that fight back against all kinds of smile problems. Fluoride toothpastes, 3D Crest Whitening Strips, and more are all on offer to improve your dental hygiene. You’re never out of options here. Smiling is a sure sign of being confident and can instil positive feelings within you, so if you want to fix your own grin, don’t delay!

Streamline Your Fashion

Everyone knows that clothes equal confidence, but your approach here can make a crucial difference in how much mileage you may get out of your wardrobe.

Last year The Guardian published an article on why owning fewer clothes can make you a better dresser, citing reasons such as avoiding buyer’s remorse and that annoying situation of not knowing what to wear. When you’re doubting yourself, your self-confidence will obviously take a hit. In this situation, it’s easy to make things easy for yourself; just throw away what you don’t need.

You’ll find that when you de-clutter your life somewhat, you have less things on your mind pulling you in different directions. If you have a separate outfit for every possible mood, occasion, or even day, then you can end up boxing yourself into an indecisive space, and self-confidence never comes from being unsure of yourself.

Reflect on Your Achievements

Record all the work you have been most proud of over the years, whether it’s via screenshots or making a folder or scrapbook in the real world.

Whether you’re studying or in work, chances are that you have a portfolio of positive feedback at your backing. Whenever you’re doubting yourself, you can then look back on all the praise you have received over the course of your professional or academic career. Trophies, medals, certificates – put them all on display in your home study or bedroom, and enjoy them.

Cute student with open book

Your achievements don’t need to be praise-orientated either. If you are an artist who is proud of a particular piece you have made, refer back to it in times of woe to give you a lift. Ponder pictures taken while you travelled, volunteered, or spent time doing anything else that is meaningful to you. Reminding yourself that you have had a life, and that you have enjoyed big parts of it, might just be enough to fire you up and carry you forward.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Surrounding yourself with positive people is crucial in building your self-confidence.

No one should live solely on the validation of others. However, if you have a support group of much-loved friends and family, then you will find that building your self-confidence becomes a lot easier. They won’t stand in your way, and they will show interest when you talk about what parts of your life you’re addressing. They’ll offer support unconditionally and may even join you in your efforts. For example, they may trot along to the gym right alongside you!

At the same time, it’s also crucial to remove the toxic people from your life at the earliest opportunity, as they can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. If there’s anyone who is constantly tearing you down, cruelly questioning your judgement, or diminishing your achievements, then it may be time to walk away from whatever relationship you thought you had with that person. Doing so isn’t a loss, as you’d be breaking free of their mental torture and taking back control of your life, which only you have the privilege of defining.

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