3 Mobile Broadband – Is It The Best Offer Around?

Three Mobile are proclaiming that one of their mobile broadband packages is the best deal around, but is it?

Mobile Broadband

So what is the Three mobile broadband deal then and why do they reckon it is the best offer available?

The offers apply to modem based mobile broadband for your laptop or net book. They are not for your iPhone 4 or other smartphone.

If you are willing to sign a 24 month agreement, you can receive a 15GB monthly data allowance for monthly payment of only £15.99. You also receive a free modem with that plan.

Those with less monthly broadband usage can opt for the 1Gb monthly data allowance, again with a 24 month contract, but this only costs £7.87 per month and again comes with a free modem.

If you don’t want to be tied to a long contract then you can opt for the monthly agreement with a 5Gb allowance for £15.99 per month. In this case Three will charge you £4.99 for the modem (which actually seems a bit mean).

There are 28 month deals available too, all with free dongle modems which range from £7.87 per month for 1Gb up to £20.99 per month for 15Gb.

You should consider carefully, though, about entering a long term contract. Mobile bandwidth charges have fallen significantly over the past two years.

So these deals do look attractive, but are they the best around? Let’s take a look.

Vodafone have 18 month mobile broadband plans, however they charge £20 per month for a total of 4Gb of data transfer – they do though provide a free professional dongle and offer the first 3 months at half price.

O2 also offer an 18 month contract for £15.32 per month. This provides 3Gb of data transfer with unlimited use of O2 wireless hotspots. It also comes with a free modem.

There is also currently a “three months free offer” with O2 which is attractive.

Orange don’t offer 18 month contracts, however their 12 month agreements only provide 0.5Gb of data transfer each month but only charge £10 per month with a free dongle. A 2Gb data allowance from Orange costs £20 per month when tied into a 12 month contract.

T Mobile offer 18 month contracts for their mobile broadband for £10 per month. They claim that there are “no limits and extra charges”, however in practice there is 0.5Gb or 1Gb monthly limit for uploading and downloading files or streaming videos.

So back to our question about whether the three mobile broadband deals are the best around.

As you can see, Three do offer the cheapest deals for high bandwidth allowances, particularly if you are prepared to sign an 18 month or 12 month contract.

Be aware, though, that tieing yourself into a 24 month contract may seem to save money now, however the price you will be paying may look expensive in twelve months time – but you do of course have the peace of mind of knowing your monthly commitments for the level of mobile broadband service you need.

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