Why Use A Broker For High Value Contents Insurance?

Placing a price on the sentimental value of your possessions may be impossible, but a high value contents insurance policy will give you some level of security and peace of mind. Some items though may have a value that exceeds the limits set on a standard home insurance policy. This is when an insurance broker may prove invaluable.

How to Get the Best Euro Exchange Rate

Getting the best Euro exchange rate ensures you get more money when exchanging pounds to Euros, meaning you have more cash to spend on your next holiday. With a little planning, you can take several steps to make sure you get the best deal and don’t lose out on money.

Why Your Dog Should Be Properly Insured

As it's a member of the family, you will most likely get very upset if anything happens to your dog. Vet bills though can be high and to cover these many people decide to buy dog insurance. Are there other options too?

Currency Exchange Margin Rate – What Is It?

If you are changing a large sum of money into another currency and need a currency exchange broker or bank to transfer the money for you, the currency exchange margin will be important to you - so what is it?

Who Are TorFX?

In short Torfx are a leading provider of currency exchange services for both private individuals and companies. They pride themselves on saving customers money.

Currency Exchange Review

You may need foreign currency because you're off on holiday, perhaps to pay bills or buy a property in another country or maybe because you are emigrating. But what options have you to get this money, here's our currency exchange review to help.