What are my rights if my spouse goes bankrupt during or after a divorce?

You may know about Scot and Michelle Young who are going through a bitter divorce battle whereby Scot Young, (a former multi-millionaire property developer) has declared himself bankrupt while his ex-wife, Michelle, struggles to prove otherwise and get the money she needs to raise her two children. What are your rights in a similar situation?

The Benefits Of An Automated Trading System: Patience Is A Virtue

A good automated trading system manages risk and performs trade management in a completely emotionless way. As long as the system works well, then it has a real benefit - far more patience and discipline than the human trader, as you can see in this article.

Nationwide Cuts Mortgage Rates – But Will Still Penalise Reluctant Landlords

Nationwide Building Society is not our favourite lender at the moment as you can see from the very angry response of many reluctant landlords who are going to be badly affected by the Society's decision to increase mortgage rates by 1.5% for landlords who have been renting their properties for three years or more.

Trouble For House Market In the USA – Again

We have seen house prices rebound in the UK from the lows in 2008, however real estate in America is mostly still in deep trouble, as the latest figures for new home sales shows.