Would You Drive Route 66?

Would you be one of the many who’d choose to drive the fabled American coast-to-coast Route 66 as your dream driving adventure? But what about the second most popular motoring adventure?

Car insuranceAccording to research by swiftcover.com, some 40% of people would choose to drive the legendary Route 66 for the motoring adventure.

Route 66 was established in 1926 and has been mmortalised on film, TV and most famously in the blues song of the same name, which has been recorded by music stars including Chuck Berry and The Rolling Stones.

It was actually removed from the US highways system in the 1980s and no longer exists on official maps, but many states still promote their stretch of ‘Historic Route 66′, whilst a whole industry has sprung up to support people wanting to relive the American driving dream with Route 66 guides, maps and even fly-drive holidays.

Tina Shortle, Marketing Director for swiftcover.com, says: “The lure of the open roads and the free-wheeling romanticism of Route 66 has an obvious appeal to British motorists and petrol-heads.”

Whilst driving across America is by far and away the most popular choice, other choices include

  • drive a supercar like a Ferrari or Lamborghini
  • have a 4*4 off-road adventure
  • drive the mountain roads of Switzerland or Italy
  • be a passenger in an F1 car around a race track.

Shortle warns that “Most people will not be insured to drive their vehicles at full-speed around a race track or rally circuit, or attempt a serious 4×4 obstacle course, so swiftcover.com recommends that people indulge in their motoring adventures by using a reputable experience provider.

swiftcover.com are a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA Insurance UK plc, part of AXA Group.

You can get a car insurance quote from swiftcover.com online and as they are Britain’s only insurance company without call centres, it means that the cost savings can be passed directly onto the customer, keeping premiums low.

Don’t forget, having car insurance is a legal requirement. If you are driving outside the UK do check that your insurance covers you – for eaxmple the switcover.com policies cover drivers for three days foreign use.

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