Women Do Shop, Buying Eight Pairs Of Shoes A Year

Many women do love to shop and buying shoes seems a favourite for many with eight new pairs being bought each year – but are they covered by insurance?

Buying Shoes OnlineAccording to research by The Co-operative Insurance, on average women have some twenty pairs of shoes, of which eleven stay tucked up in the wardrobe and are hardly ever warn.

Despite this, a further eight pairs are added to the collection each year. For many buying shoes is done to help cheer themselves up. Of course some are bought to go with a new outfit or keep up with trends, albeit some 10% buy them to fuel their shoe obsession.

Just think how much all those shoes are worth – especially if there are some designer or high value shoes included, perhaps some Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo? How about some Geox, Hobbs or Converse too and perhaps some UGG boots? Quickly the value can add up.

As Lee Mooney, Head of Home Insurance at The Co-operative Insurance, comments: “Whereas a few decades ago shoes may have been considered an indulgent purchase, it’s now the norm to spend a considerable amount of money on them every year. It’s easy to forget the value of items like this when assessing the value of your household contents, but in case the worst happens it’s worth making sure they’re properly covered by insurance.”

Many women also buy shoes that don’t fit well, buying them just because they like them – and no doubt they are added to the collection in the wardrobe!

MoneyHighStreet.com comment: With the growth in online shopping, we took a look at buying shoes online. We wondered how easy it was to do this, considering you normally want to try the shoes on and if you’re in a shop it’s so easy to hand them back if they don’t fit or you don’t like them. How does this work when buying online? We took at Javari.co.uk to see how it all worked – we were very impressed with the result, see our user review of Javari.co.uk here.


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