Will You Switch to Oink Energy?

There’s a new energy supplier on the block, ready perhaps to challenge the Big 6 energy suppliers with its ‘straight-forward solution for straight-talking people’. But what’s the offer, is it worth switching to?

Oink Energy

Oink Energy

According to Oink Energy, if customers muck in and switch to them, they will receive a truly personal service, a competitive price for their electricity and gas, bills that are straightforward and easy to find as online billing is standard, and just one simple dual-fuel tariff.

Oink Energy has its very own customer PiggyFesto which states:

  • When speaking to Oink you will speak to a named person within 30 seconds of calling (and an email reply on the same working day). The Oink team will call a piglet a piglet — Oink folk are a truly straight talking bunch. They will tell you like it is, always.
  • Oink Energy likes to treat their customers like family, so customers won’t get penned into a long and laborious contract: people can settle their account and change supplier at any time. No tie-ins, no hidden penalties and no exit fees.
  • A straight-forward online process to safely and easily switch energy supplier.
  • The average household will pay £1,178 per year on Oink’s single dual-fuel tariff.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at uSwitch.com, comments: “It’s great to see another new entrant come onto the market to give the big six a run for their money – especially one that plans to make energy shopping a more enjoyable experience.

‘It remains to be seen whether Oink energy will bring home the bacon. At a maximum cost of £1,198 for the average household, this is likely to be some distance from the cheapest deal on the market and more in line with the standard plans from the big six.”

Oink Energy is operating under the licence of renewable energy supplier Green Energy UK which is run by Douglas Stewart and Tim Smith.

Diane Ray, MoneyHighStreet.com comments: “It is of course good news to welcome another energy supplier to the market. Time will show how well they live up to their PiggFesto.

‘In the short term though, whilst having a single, easy to follow tariff is attractive, the maximum cost quoted doesn’t sound that attractive. That said the £1,198 is the maximum cost for an average household. There are other energy plans, from other suppliers, though that, on the face of it, seem more attractive.

‘For example, according to EnergyHelpline, currently the cheapest deal on the market is the Fresh Fixed Price Oct 2015 v1 tariff from another small provider, Extraenergy, at £991. There are also cheaper dual-fuel deals from four of the Big Six,  EDF, E.ON, SSE and British Gas.

‘So the challenge is on for Oink Energy to break into this market with an energy plan that isn’t the cheapest on the face of it. Hopefully their straight forward, easy approach with no tie-ins, hidden penalties or exit fees, will attract customers.”

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