Wii Fit introduction

Well I’ve just finished my first session on my Wii Fit and balance board – progressing my assessment of whether I should keep my gym membership, just use my new Wii Fit and balance board or use both.

Today I wanted to start by having a look at what’s available on the Wii Fit. First reaction is it’s really amazing.

I started off on Muscle conditioning and did a few of the exercises. I thought they looked really easy and to be fair some were. Basically though you have to make sure you keep your body in check and aligned as instructed by your personal Wii trainer – I clearly need to do more as I kept being told one or other of my legs was wobbling and my results showed I have ‘no balance’.

I then tried Balance Games – more difficult than I thought but generally quite sedate.  I need to come back to this section and get a better feel for it.

At this point I was feeling maybe it’s going to be a case of both using the Wii Fit and the gym.

Training Plus was the next stop. Wow! Some great things in here, including skiing a slalom run, snowboarding a slalom run and even ski jumping. Great fun and I felt I wanted to do a lot more. But whilst these were providing me with some exercise, is it enough? As this was still my intro session, decided I’ll need more goes and better understanding before I draw conclusions.

So onto Aerobic exercises. Have to say whether it’s a step class, body combat, spinning or aerobic exercises in the gym, this is the type of exercise I prefer. Really makes me feel like I’m working and the calories burned give me a real sense of achievement.

Today I did a beginners step session – hilarious! My co-ordination seemed to go to pot so more needed on this. I then put on my trainers and did a beginners jog, following a dog. As you go round you’re supposed to observe the surroundings on which you’re tested at the end. Did the jog quite well but only scored 1 out of 3 on the observation!

All in all so far so good and am looking forward to my next session. Think I’ll need another couple of intro/training sessions before I can move on to putting some sort of program together.

No closer yet to answering my key question of whether to just use the Wii Fit, just the gym or both. Time will tell. Haven’t even had a chance to consider further whether I need any Wii Fitness Games, maybe I will tomorrow.

Am now planning to try the Mario Kart Wii game later – completely different but like the idea of using the wheels and seeing just how ‘bad’ I am at steering!!

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