Why You Should Consider A Pay Monthly Simplicity Tariff From O2

A sim only deal for a mobile or smart phone can be a good choice if you want to keep your existing handset and also want cheap calls and texts. There are some stunning deals around at the moment, such as the Pay Monthly Simplicity tariff from O2.

HTC Desire SmartphoneIf you are happy with your mobile or smartphone, it doesn’t make good financial sense to fork out for the latest and greatest product on the market. After all most of don’t really use a lot of the cutting edge features of our mobile or smart phone anyway.

There are some great sim only deals around, both on a pay as you go basis and with a pay monthly contract. They offer a surprising number of free minutes and even unlimited texts, same network calls and free landline calls.

The Simplicity pay monthly tariff from O2, for example, provides 300 call minutes and unlimited texts for only £10, though you do have to sign a 12 month deal for this. Paying £20 per month boosts the number of any network call minutes up to 900 per month.

All Simplicity pay monthly plans include unlimited O2 to O2 calls and unlimited landline calls.

Great pay monthly, sim only smartphone deals with unlimited data download allowances!

Pay monthly, sim only deals for smart phones add data download and unlimited WiFi access features, for a low monthly cost.

The Simplicity pay monthly tariff for smart phones, only costs £15 per month for 300 call minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data downloads, subject to a fair usage policy.

The unlimited data download allowance is available until 30th September, at which point the standard data download allowance of 1Gb per month will take effect.

You can great this great offer here.

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