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CreditExpert from Experian helps you to manage your credit rating and access some of the best loans, credit cards and mortgages for your financial situation. We find out how.

Credit ReportIn these tough financial times, more households than ever are relying on credit cards and loans to tide them over and make ends meet – but getting credit hasn’t become any easier.

Before banks, credit card companies and other lenders will agree to give you credit, they check to see whether you’re likely to be a good risk or not.

The way they gauge this is to look at your credit report.

Your credit report brings together information from public records, such as electoral roll information, court judgements and bankruptcies – as well as information provided by lenders and financial institutions such as credit agreements, payment history and outstanding debt.

This information is then processed to generate your credit rating.

A good credit rating means you’ll have access to better credit agreements at more favourable rates. An indifferent or low rating can see you paying over the odds for credit, or even being refused it altogether.

So it clearly makes sense to keep your credit rating in the best possible shape.

One service that can really help you do that is CreditExpert from Experian. It not only lets you keep an eye on your credit history, but it also gives you access to a range of other useful benefits.

We take a look at the top six – so read on if you’re interested in improving your creditworthiness and would like access to better deals on credit cards, loans and other financial products.

1. Check your credit score

If you don’t know what your credit score is, you can’t plan ways of improving it.

CreditExpert gives you instant access to your credit history and you can pay a small supplement to check your actual credit score from time to time.

This gives you all the information you need to gauge your creditworthiness and to take steps to improve it – like cancelling old credit cards, paying off more than your minimum repayments and making sure you don’t make too many credit applications within a short space of time.

2. Get credit cards, loans and mortgages – tailored to you

If you have a low credit score and don’t know it, you could be applying for credit that you don’t qualify for in the first place – and multiple applications in quick succession are a red flag for lenders.

But if you have a poor credit history, it doesn’t mean you’re locked out of the market. There are credit cards, loans and mortgages that are created specifically for customers with a limited credit history or poor credit rating – the trick is find them.

That’s where CreditExpert comes in. When you sign up, your free credit report is analysed and CreditExpert is then able to recommend a range of financial products from different lenders based on how likely you will be to successfully apply for them.

If you’re struggling to get credit, this could help you find the loan you need.

3. Manage your credit rating

Did you know that CreditExpert can help you spot identity fraud?

Each time credit is applied for in your name, CreditExpert will send you an email alert. So if a fraudster makes an application using your details, you’ll know immediately – and you can take steps to stop the thief from damaging your credit rating.

Similarly, if there’s a mistake on your credit report you can challenge the lender who placed the information there in the first place. You can therefore improve your credit rating by ensuring your report accurately reflects your credit history.

4. Free identity protection insurance

If you do become a victim of identity fraud, it poses a big threat to your credit rating.

Not only does CreditExpert membership allow you to keep a closer eye on your score and help you identify fraud, but it comes with identity protection insurance included.

This entitles you to a range of compensation should you fall victim to identity fraud, including £500 compensation for reasonable lost earnings per week for up to 6 weeks and up to £200 for the costs of replacing your passport or driving licence if there is a reasonable requirement to replace either.

You will also have access to the Victims of Fraud Team who can offer help and support if you become a victim identity fraud.

5. Get expert advice to help improve your score

Whether you have a limited credit history or a poor credit score, CreditExpert will show you ways you can rehabilitate it and access the financial products you need – from credit cards to car finance and mortgages.

The moment you sign up to CreditExpert, you’ll be able to access advice and tips from the UK’s leading credit ratings agency, Experian.

With practical advice that you can start applying right away, you can start to rebuild your financial security quickly.

6. A free 30-day trial

With CreditExpert offering a free 30-day trial and no obligation to continue with the service, there’s every reason to sign up – whether you’re simply curious about your credit score, or you want to take steps to improve your credit rating.

So sign up to CreditExpert today. It’s one simple service that could change your financial future.

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