Why Check Vodafone Network Coverage?

There are some great mobile phones and smartphones available, however can you get a strong enough signal to be able to use them properly? We look at why it is sensible for Vodafone users to check their network coverage in this article.

Samsung Galaxy S smart phoneYou have a leading edge mobile phone, or even better, one of the latest smartphones, perhaps an iPhone 4 or HTC Desire HD, but can you use it wherever you want to, particularly if you live in a rural area? What happens if you want to go abroad – will the phone work over there too?

The vagaries of mobile transmission means that even in built up areas you might be able to get a strong signal from one mobile supplier, but only weak reception from another.

So before investing in a phone or committing yourself to a lengthy contract, it makes sense to ensure that you will receive sufficiently good coverage wherever you are likely to be.

Vodafone provide an easy means to check the coverage in your chosen area. You merely enter the postcode or place name and you will be presented with a map showing signal strength both indoors and outside for 3G and mobile broadband as well as for the standard mobile phone services.

Future coverage for areas currently poorly served is also provided.

Of course checking the coverage map is one thing, but actually ensuring that you receive a god signal indoors is another so you should always check with your mobile phone supplier that you can leave a contract without penalty if you find that there is actually poor reception at home.

As long as you contact the provider within seven days and explain the reception problems that you are experiencing, then most companies will allow you to terminate the contract, although you might have to pay for any calls that you have made.

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