Where can you get the Australia DVD cheapest?

I was just notified that Play.com are offering the Australia DVD (with Nicole Kidman) for £3.99 with FREE delivery.

Fantastic I thought, must let you all know about it..

But then I wondered, how much does it cost elsewhere – interesting – I found that if you

  • Buy at Amazon – 3.98 with FREE delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Buy at Tesco – £5.97 with FREE delivery
  • Asda – £5.93 with FREE delivery
  • HMV – £4.99 with FREE delivery
  • Woolworths Entertainment – £5.97 with FREE delivery

So, the FREE delivery bit seems rather a red herring as all those I checked were offering this.

Overall though to buy Australia from Play.com is about the cheapest – well unless you’re already an Amazon Prime member of course then you save a penny.

Unless anyone knows of a better offer?

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