Where Can You Buy A Kindle?

The Kindle is a wireless reading device made and sold by Amazon.co.uk, but you may be surprised to learn that you can buy it from other stores too, as we explain in this article.

Buy a KindleThere is no doubt that the Kindle is very popular and as our review shows, it is also a very good reading device. It doesn’t surprise us that the Kindle is Amazons’s best selling item, has the most 5 star reviews and is their most wished for product.

Being an Amazon.co.uk own label product, it is no surprise to find it taking pride of place on their website. There are two Kindle models – the WiFi only model for £111 and the 3G enabled version that costs £152. If you subscribe to the Amazon Prime service you can also receive free post and packing.

So buying the Kindle from Amazon.co.uk makes sense, however it is also available in a number of high street stores. So if you don’t want to wait a day or two to get it delivered from Amazon, you can buy it from a local store.

Tesco sell the Kindle in selected stores or you can call their Call & Collect Service on 0845 600 4411 to arrange for it to be delivered to your nearest store. Their website has a Kindle locator which shows the nearest store to your location which has them in stock.

Buying the Kindle from Tesco costs the same as from Amazon, although you do earn double Clubcard points, which are always worth having.

John Lewis also sell the Kindle through their chain of high street stores. They do not sell it via their website.

Again the prices are the same as Amazon’s however you do get the benefit of buying from a local shop rather than online and you could always use any John Lewis gift vouchers if you have them.

Currys, with their large chain of high street and retail park stores also sells the Kindle. They are not available for home delivery via the Curry’s website, but you can arrange to collect one from your local Curry’s store by using their online reserve and collect service.

All these high street outlets sell the Kindle for exactly the same as Amazon charge however there is one way of getting one slightly cheaper – by buying one in an airport duty free shop if you are travelling to a destination outside Europe.

You can save the 20% VAT on the Kindle doing this, although you do have to fill in the forms that the shop will give you to claim back the VAT once you return to the UK.

So it is plain to see that if you want to buy a Kindle online, there is only one place to go – Amazon.co.uk, although you can arrange to reserve and collect one from other major stores using their websites, if you want to.

There are no real price savings buying one from a high street store, which will be no surprise to savvy shoppers, however it does mean that you can try one in the shop and buy it there and then, as long as they have them in stock.

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