What Is A Kindle?

A Kindle is a wireless reading device that is made and sold by Amazon, so lets find out more about it in this article.

KindleReading books entered a new era a few years ago with the launch of the first ebook readers – standalone devices to which you download and read electronic versions of books.

So a Kindle is an ebook reader.

Whilst we have been able to read ebooks on our laptops, smartphones and tablet devices for some time, it is the use of high contrast E Ink that makes book readers so good for their main purpose – reading.

E Ink gives a reading device, such as the Kindle, the same contrast and clarity as a conventionally printed page on paper. A major advantage of using this technology is that the devices can be used in full sunlight.

There is no need to huddle under an umbrella or other shade to squint at your Kindle in the sunlight as the high contrast screen is perfectly legible, as though it was a book. Try that with a laptop or iPad with their reflective screens!

You can buy a Kindle from Amazon but also from other retail outlets, such as Tesco.

Kindles use wireless connectivity to the Amazon websites so that you can easily buy and download electronic books wherever you can receive an WiFi signal.

The 3G version, which is a bit more expensive, gives you free 3G Internet access from most major countries in the world. So not only can you buy books online, you can use it for browsing the web too, although there are limitations with the inbuilt web browser.

If you are used to packing a suitcase of books when you go on holiday then the Kindle will be a joy to take instead as it can store up to 3,500 books, which is more than enough for any bookworm. Of course you can always buy a new book whilst away if you have finished the ones you have taken.

Lending books works in a similar way to how you would loan a book to a friend, but Kindle books can be lent out via your Amazon account. This is great as you can share electronic books just as you might a paperback.

We think that reading a book on the Kindle takes a bit of getting used to as you tend to skim text on a screen just as most people do when reading blocks of text on a computer. You need to adjust your screen based reading style, but once you have achieved that then you have a whole new world of reading opening up to you.

As our Kindle review explains, it is so easy to use and renews your enthusiasm to try different genres and authors. It is no accident that Amazon now sell more electronic books than conventional books. The Kindle is a brilliant reading device that is here to stay.

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