Well Done Sainsbury’s Online

I ordered a Sainsbury’s online delivery for today, Saturday, between 3 and 4pm and started to panic as the time slot was rapidly disappearing and no sign of it, but in the end I was very pleasantly surprised. Here’s why.

This is the second time I’ve used the Sainsbury’s online service in the last couple of months and again I’m impressed.

First off I made my online order about 10 days ago and didn’t think any more of it until I got a text yesterday to my mobile phone. It reminded me that I had the delivery scheduled and advised me that I had until 11pm to make any changes.

I didn’t need to make any changes so didn’t need to do anything.

From about 3 today I was anticipating my delivery. When it got to a couple of minutes to 4 o clock I was getting a little concerned that there was no sign of it. And even more concerned at a couple of minutes after 4PM!

The children decided to run down the path to see if they could see it, but no, nothing.

No sooner had they returned indoors when we saw the delivery men coming towards the front door. It was now about 4 minutes after 4PM. I was very happy to see them – whilst I knew they were coming I was beginning to wonder!

The first thing they told me was that all my order was included. I had opted to not receive alternative items for anything out of stock and so to have everything included was a good start.

Considering my order was £160 in value, ranging from some meat, lasagne, dairy products, vegetables and fruit to household items such as bleach and washing powder to have everything delivered was very good.

And what’s more I saved nearly £14 on the shop – fantastic, and as I said in another post I found selecting the ‘special offers’ doing the online shopping actually much easier than when I am physically wandering around the store.

The next piece of news though is that because the delivery was late, in fact 4 minutes late, I received a £10 voucher to redeem against my next online shop. Impressed? Yes I certainly was.

On unpacking the shopping, apart from the iced buns being sell buy date today which I probably wouldn’t have bought, everything else had a reasonable sell by date and looked fine i.e. the apples weren’t bruised and the strawberries didn’t have any looking sorry for themselves etc.

For highly desired delivery times, at the weekend for example, there is a delivery charge that you can’t avoid so I plan to use my voucher code to enable me to get a delivery in a couple of weeks…. effectively I won’t incur a delivery charge and will still save money on my order too!

All in all, a very positive experience that I would thoroughly recommend you try.

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