Well Done Ovo – Holding Energy Prices Whilst ‘Big Six’ Raise Theirs

You know autumn is on its way when energy companies start to announce rises in the cost of gas and electricity, however Ovo Energy is keeping their prices the same whilst the bigger companies hike theirs.

Call me cynical, but why do the large energy companies raise their prices just in time for the cold evenings? And at a time when world energy prices are falling?

npower is that latest ‘big six’ culprit – announcing 12% rises in its dual fuel costs and a 15% hike in its gas prices. EDF is the only large provider that hasn’t raised its prices so far, although it has announced a new fixed rate energy plan.

Consumers please switch to the cheapest plans, as soon as possible.

Or an even better idea is to switch to OVO Energy.

Although OVO announced a small increase in their electricity prices, they also announced a small decrease in their gas prices so their dual fuel costs remain the same!

How come OVO can keep their prices the same, yet the larger energy companies have to increase their charges?

What has happened to the buying power of large companies? Surely the large energy suppliers should be able to negotiate stunning wholesale deals, which they should pass on to their customers.

Actually, they almost certainly do have tremendous bulk purchasing deals and then charge us more so that they can pocket more profits. At our expense.

So well done OVO. You are bucking the trend. I am going to see about switching our gas and electricity to you.

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