Want A Sim Only Deal? Have You Heard About Giff Gaff?

With the rapid developments in mobile phone and smart phone technologies it is no wonder that many of us are reluctant to tie ourselves down with long contracts. The Giff Gaff service is a sim only, pay as you go with a difference – read on to learn more.

Mobile Phone Hands FreeIt is not just developments in technology that can make a long mobile phone contract unattractive, it is also the rapid changes in prices, mostly downwards that are occurring as mobile phone networks battle it out for our custom.

The answer is to select a sim only pay as you service or take on a contract that only lasts a month. Giff Gaff is a new service that meets this need, offering some excellent phone and mobile broadband deals.

Giff Gaff Goodybags

Although you can buy competitively priced sim only deals from Giff Gaff. It is their Goodybags that offer the most attractive prices, particularly as they are all half price at moment.

What is a Giff Gaff Goodybag, though?

“A Gigg Gaff goodybag is a mix of UK minutes, texts, and mobile Internet that lasts for a month. You can buy a goodybag by debit/credit card or from your airtime balance if you have enough credit.”, they state on their web site.

This means that for £5 (normally £10, once the sale has ended) you receive 100 free call minutes, unlimited mobile broadband access and unlimited texts. The unlimited broadband offer lasts until October when you are charged a small daily rate, depending on your download usage.

A £7.50 Goodybag (normally priced at £15) extends he call minutes to 300 per month and £17.50 will buy unlimited calls, though this will increase to £35 once the half price offer expires.

There are no contracts, you just buy the sim only deal and the allowances are then valid for a month. You can also keep your existing phone number too, so that you can switch in and out of this service as you like.

Giff Gaff Payback Offers

Where Giff Gaff differs from other networks is that they reward you for using and promoting the service with your friends with the Payback rewards scheme.

For example, if you send a friend a free sim card then you will be rewarded with 500 points. Sending a friend an email about Giff Gaff will earn you 50 points.

As each point is worth one penny you can soon accumulate points that will be paid to you either by PayPal, airtime credits or you can opt to donate them top charity – neat!

Good Prices, Good Network

As already mentioned, Giff Gaff standard prices are very competitive (8p a minute for call, 4p per text and free Giff Gaff to Giff Gaff calls), and they get better with their Goodybags, however the strength of the network is also just as important.

Giff Gaff have arranged an exclusive deal with O2 so all your phone, text and mobile broadband will be delivered via the O2 network, which covers a large proportion of the UK population.

So all in all, Giff Gaff is definitely worth considering if you are after a sim only deal. In fact those goodybag special offers make their costs the best on the market, but hurry those half price offers only last until the end of August.

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