Volcanic Ash Episode Convinces Travellers To Seek Premium Travel Insurance

Recent travel chaos caused by the Icelandic volcanic ash has convinced many travellers to look for premium quality travel insurance.

Travel InsuranceThere has been a 27% increase in the number of searches on the travel insurance section of the moneysupermarket.com web site since the problems with volcanic ash first became apparent.

As flight schedules start to return to normality the importance of having good travel insurance that covers a wide range of eventualities has been brought home to many travellers. The unprecedented delays caused by the ash have brought home to travellers that having a more comprehensive travel policy that provides cover for delays and scheduled airline failures is important as the unexpected has been shown to happen recently.

It seems that many travel insurance policies did not cover the widespread cancelation of flights – with insurance companies just advising stranded travellers to contact their airline to see how they could help.

Moneysupermarket.com has made suggestions for the minimum amount of cover that travellers should have. These include insuring for £2million for medical expenses, £1million for personal liability and crucially at least £3000 for flight cancellations, or enough to cover the cost of the holiday.

Even though the ash cloud incident was a freak event Bob Atkinson, travel expert at moneysupermarket.com makes these suggestions to airline travellers:

“I implore travellers not be put off taking out travel insurance as a result of their recent bad experience or stories of others difficulties. No matter what you think of the product, travelling abroad without insurance is madness. Although it may not necessarily cover unexpected events like the volcanic ash cloud, the probability of these natural disasters happening is relatively low, but making a claim for loss of baggage/belongings or emergency medical treatment are more regular occurrences and can add up to thousands of pounds in extreme cases, all of which would be covered by the individual if appropriate travel insurance isn’t in place.”

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