Vodafone now delivering the iPhone

Vodafone has now started their delivery of the iPhone, joining O2, Tesco and Orange in supplying this highly sought after, ‘must have’ smartphone.

Vodafone iPhoneOrange first broker the exclusive hold that O2 had over supply of the iPhone, followed then by Tesco through its business partnership with O2.

Whilst Orange started selling it in November, Vodafone has had to wait until now, after the Christmas period, to join in.

The iPhone tariff prices offered by Vodafone are in line with those from the other suppliers but it’s still worth checking who’s got the best iPhone deal for your particular needs.

That said, the key differential being cited by the suppliers is the quality of their 3G network on offer. This links in with how iPhone users invariably use the internet more than those using other handsets. Data costs can mount up as music, games and other applications are downloaded along with general web browsing.

So tariffs will no doubt start to be differentiated on data packages as well as, or maybe instead of, bundles which include call minutes and texts.

According to UK Vodafone chief executive Guy Laurence, the company shipped more than 50,000 iPhones to customers yesterday, seeing this as ‘exceptional demand.’ – certainly a smartphone in demand!

Vodafone has the iPhone 3G available for free on Pay Monthly plans of £35 a month and above and the 16GB iPhone 3GS available free on 24 month contracts from £45.

In contrast to Orange and Tesco, Vodafone is not offering a Pay as You Go Option.

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