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The Ideal Home Show is always an impressive showcase of all the latest gadgets, interior design and home improvements. This year were showing off one of their iPhone Apps, as you can see in the video at the end of this post.

With the use of sophisticated and highly portable, not to mention expensive, gadgets lying around our homes, many people will be surprised to realise that they almost certainly have more contents in their home than they imagined. Tellingly, most people are therefore underestimating how much they should insure the contents of their home (read our feature article for more information).

Of course with brilliant mobile devices such as the iPhone comes increased risks that these will be stolen if your house gets broken into. Not having contents insurance that covers the actual value of your contents can cause major problems if disaster strikes, which is why you should take care to make sure that your home contents insurance actually covers the total value of your belongings.

This is why have created their iPhone app which helps you add up the insured value of every item in every room.

Anyway, to learn more the app and to have a quick look at the Ideal Home Show why not watch the video!.

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