Valentines Day engagement rings for some

Valentines Day is a time for romantics and it seems that 20% plan to give or receive expensive jewellery with 10% of these jewellery gifts being engagement rings.Valentines Day Jewellery Engagement RingsWhilst for some it may be Valentines roses, according to Halifax Home Insurance many Brits plan to buy expensive jewellery, rings and watches for their loved ones this Valentines Day.The worry though is that almost 50% haven’t considered insuring their new items against theft or loss, and 16% have assumed items are already covered under their home insurance policy.  Only 27% of people know that their valuable jewellery items are listed on their home contents policy.Head of Underwriting for Halifax Home Insurance, David Rochester said: “At this time of year love is most definitely in the air, and many people will be planning to pop the question with an expensive diamond, or buy a valuable gift to show how much they care.When planning a romantic proposal, insuring a valuable gift is not necessarily the first thing that springs to mind, so we are reminding people to make sure expensive jewellery is fully covered both inside and outside the home.”Standard home insurance policies may have a limit in value for a single item and steps need to be taken to ensure high value items are insured and that you keep any valuation certificates or receipts in case you need to make a claim in future.For example whilst Halifax Home Insurance offers unlimited cover for both buildings insurance and contents there are certain inner limits which apply to Contents cover. This means that for example high-risk items such as jewellery there are limits of £1,500 per item with up to a total limit of £20,000.Use a comparison home insurance website such as that provided by or to see what different providers offer.Alternatively, if you have a number of high value items you may benefit from High Net Worth home insurance, you can get free advice from our partner insurance broker, Baxters.

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