Do You Use Your Mobile Phone In Bed?

The mobile phone is taking over, or so it seems as most users now have little worry using their phone in any situation – whether it be in bed, at dinner, in a public toilet or even at a wedding or christening or other religious ceremony.

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Using a mobile phone in some places used to be considered inappropriate but this is no longer the case as the old rules of social etiquette are broken down.

Research from Lloyds TSB shows that some 35% of mobile owners admit to using their phone whilst in their own bathroom, and almost a quarter has used their phone in a public toilet.

Over 10% have used their phone in a meeting or during a presentation or at the theatre, cinema or at a concert. Many have also used their phone during a wedding, a christening, or other religious ceremony.

Only half of Brits now think it’s unacceptable to use a phone during dinner at a restaurant and only 21% don’t agree with using a phone in a public toilet. However, over two thirds still agree it is unacceptable to use a phone at the theatre, cinema or concert hall.

The mobile phone though is becoming such an integral part of our lives and used for far more than calling and texting. A smartphone is used a camera at least once a week by half of owners, around a third use if for social networking and emailing on a regular basis. Just over 10% use it for their banking.

Ashley Machin, director of digital banking at Lloyds TSB said: “This research shows how quickly mobile phones are becoming the most versatile and important gadget in peoples’ lives. They are clearly changing the way we live as evidenced by the speed with which mobile banking is growing.”

Lloyds TSB’s new mobile banking app reached 1.5 million downloads this month, having launched in late 2011.

The new app allows Lloyds TSB UK Internet Banking customers to log on to their accounts and make transactions, providing them with a smarter way to manage their bank account on the go.

It allows customers to

  • View their account details, balances and transaction history on Lloyds TSB UK personal accounts, savings accounts and credit cards at any time
  • Make transfers between Lloyds TSB UK personal accounts.
  • Pay bills or existing recipients.
  • Set up new payment recipients.

It also enables anyone who has downloaded the app to find their nearest Lloyds TSB branch, Lloyds TSB CashPoint® or any of the 72,000 LINK ATMs belonging to any bank across the UK.

Moneyhighstreet comments: “With their increased functionality and the ability to do things like browse the web or shop on the go, it’s no wonder smartphone use has soared.

“As well as for banking, they are also being used for other personal finance matters, such as home insurance and even healthcare.

“People are more and more relying on the functionality that their phone offers – the practical value of the apps now available really are helping people in their day to day lives and thereby they become a critical piece of their life jigsaw.

“It will be interesting to see where such gadgets take us next.”

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