Ultrafast Broadband – Can I live in Wales Please!

With the Internet playing a larger part in many of our lives, particularly if you run an Internet business, broadband speeds and reliability are becoming a vital requirement.

Broadband speeds are a real bug bear for me at the moment as I am struggling with the actual bandwidth versus the promised bandwidth from BeThere, an otherwise excellent ISP.

I was promised around 14 Mb with their ADSL2+ service, but even after tweaking by their engineers, I am only just receiving over 11Mb, which is not too bad, if I’m honest. I am still way below the 24 Mb “on the tin” though.

It looks like I’m not the only one with these problems as Ofcom are now jumping up and down about the disparity that so many people experience between the promised broadband performance and their actual speeds.

If you live in rural areas the situation is worse, of course.

Or should I saw, it was worse if you live in a remote village called Crumlin. They are part of a trial to deliver ultrafast broadband over electricity cables. 50 Mb is promised (note the “promised” in italics!).

So from a broadband perspective you will get far better access to the Internet in a very rural village than on the edge of a major town 40 miles from London.

Actually there is another way that rural communities can receive broadband now. Many rural pubs, it seems, are offering broadband and WiFi access. Now that is an attractive idea – sit in a pub garden with a pint and a laptop.

Can I move to Wales please?

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  1. Jenny R 2nd August 2010

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