UK’s Top Trading Seminar – Complimentary Tickets

Have you ever considered a career as a private financial trader?

Trading SeminarDid you know many private financial traders take home £100k to £2m per annum, with some traders starting with less than £10k in their trading accounts?

Here are the 4 key reasons why you should do it too:

  • You only need a laptop, internet connection, some relatively inexpensive software and professional training to get started
  • You can trade from anywhere in the world at any time that suits you
  • You can limit the risk on any trade to less than 1% of your account balance and leverage the upside for fantastic profit potential
  • Under current tax laws in the UK, all profits are 100% exempt of tax, and there are no commissions or fees

Knowledge to Action is regarded as Europe’s #1 Trader Coaching Company (and National Business Awards Finalist) and is running some completely free workshops to show you how you can get started, regardless as to whether you choose to trade full-time or part-time as a positive addition to your income.


These events are entirely free with no obligation and will show you how to ….

  • Make money in rising OR falling stock markets
  • Identify exactly which high profit breakout stocks to trade now
  • Master an easy way to manage your trades for maximum profit potential
  • Understand the ‘Secret’ Risk Management Formula keeping risk to only 1%
  • Automate powerful trading strategies which require only minutes per day
  • Know precisely where, when and how to enter and also how to exit trades for maximum income


Here’s what some our Grads have to say about us:

“In this current economic climate people need to look for alternative strategies to make money and the process of [Trader’s University] is something anyone can get involved in, provided they can find one hour in the evening and a bit of time in the morning. This is what attracted me to the programme, the flexibility that it offered.”

Mark Sawyer

“At the end of three months my fund was 45% up… so whatever I was doing was right and I think the #1 thing I was doing right was I was trading. I was keeping it simple, I was following the rules that were given and was able to take it from there”

Richard Biddle

Please note: Our Seminars are purely educational in nature, we do not advise or tip and any trades shown in any seminar are for educational illustration purposes only. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and you may not get back the amount you invest. The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and are not guaranteed. CFDs and Spread Bets are highly leveraged products and carry a high level of risk to your capital. Due to the leverage offered it is possible for you to incur losses in excess of your initial margin. These products are not suitable for all investors so please make sure that you understand the risks involved. Rates of exchange may cause the value of investments to go up or down.

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