UK Shop Price Inflation Highest in Almost Three Years

UK shop price inflation grew last month at its fastest pace since October 2008, according to the British Retail Consortium – with food prices worst affected.

Personal Finances under StrainIf you’ve seen the bill for your weekly shop steadily going up, it’s not because you’ve changed your spending habits. Inflation is still increasing, raising the prices of food and everyday essentials – and wages aren’t keeping pace.

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), food-price inflation reached 5.7% per annum in June – up from 4.9% in May and the highest figure since May 2009. Meanwhile, prices for non-food items raced to a three-month high of 1.3%.

Retail prices rose 2.9% compared to the same period last year, and the worrying trend is that they are accelerating. After having risen 0.1% in May, price inflation for retail goods grew 0.5% in June, a marked increase over the previous month.

According to BRC Director General Stephen Robertson, there is nothing retailers can do to curb inflation. He said, “Inflation is being driven by surging world commodity prices, the effect of the weak pound on import costs and higher value-added tax – all beyond retailers’ control.”

The current trend isn’t likely to relent, either. Economists are forecasting that the Bank of England will keep the interest rate at its historic low when it is reviewed tomorrow as some believe Britain’s economic recovery is still on shaky ground.

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