Travelling To The World Cup? Make Sure You Are Protected

There will be around 20,000 England fans travelling to South Africa for the World Cup. If you are one of them, here are some tips on making sure you are protected.

Travel insuranceWith the World Cup now upon us, many fans are about to travel to South Africa and be part of this great sporting event.

Be aware though that not only are there the usual risks to deal with when setting off on any holiday, there are others associated with the event itself and with the destination.

Consider the valuables, match tickets and cash you have

If you do have to carry valuables, keep these to a minimum and make sure they are securely held, ideally in a zipped pocket or a bag at the front of your body. There will be large crowds gathering, ideal territory for pick pockets.

Think carefully about how much cash you have on you. Look into a prepaid currency card as many consider these a better, more secure alternative to carrying cash and help ensure you get the best deal on your travel money. There are many providers of these cards now, including Caxton FX and Fair FX.

Hold onto your match tickets – even if you have travel insurance that covers the cost of the tickets that’s only half the story as you’re extremely unlikely to be able to get a replacement ticket.

Make sure you don’t leave valuables on show in your car or on the spare seat when you are driving – car-jackings and smash ‘n’ grabs are a real issue in South Africa.

Look after your health

Be careful about buying food from street vendors and make sure the water is safe to drink are perhaps well known considerations. Be careful though of over indulging in alcohol or taking drugs. If you need to make a claim on your travel insurance your claim may well be rejected if your insurance company consider you were over the limit.

Be aware of undertaking hazardous or extreme activities

Great as it might seem to take on a bit of kite-surfing or jet skiing but standard travel insurance policies often don’t include cover for such acitivities. Some will require additional premiums or restrict cover unles you let your insurer know exactly what you intend to do.

MoneyHighStreet used information from Axa to compile this article and as Alison Patrick, AXA’s head of travel says: “We don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun while they’re at the World Cup but it is really important people understand the risks and that they mitigate those risks by being sensible while they’re away and taking out some insurance before they go. At a big event like this, the potential for things to go wrong are even higher than on a regular holiday – we anticipate one in 18 people might end up in a situation where they could claim on their insurance.

“Every year we see lives ruined by holiday misadventures with the worst of these costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Insurance can’t stop these things happening, but it can at least ease the financial burden for the victims and their families.”

Do look into buying travel insurance in place before you leave for the World Cup or indeed any other holiday or trip. Keep your insurance details to hand so that if you do need police support or medical attention and need to show your details you have them ready.

If you do have an issue that you feel you need to make a claim for, record as many details as you can at the time of the incident, get witnesses (if applicable) and let your insurer know as soon as possible.

Get more information on Axa travel insurance on the Axa website. Alternatively you can use comparison websites such as or

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