Tottenham Hotspur credit card review – what are the benefits?

Getting a Tottenham Hotspur credit card will not only show your support for the club but will also give you access to a very good rewards scheme.

Tottenham Hotspur credit cardWhen you make a purchase using your Tottenham Hotspur Rewards credit card, every £1 you spend equates to 1 reward point. When you gather enough points, you’ll qualify for some great rewards, most of which cannot be bought with money.

Not only that, every time you make a purchase a contribution is also given to the Tottenham Hotspurs by the MBNA Europe Bank Limited, the credit card issuer.

You can get a Tottenham Hotspur credit card quickly and easily online.

Your choice of rewards is endless once you have your reward points – you can choose the rewards that you want whenever you want them, when you’ve just a few or gather them up for the bigger rewards.

The Tottenham Hotspur credit card gives you a wide choice of travel awards. Compared to some other rewards schemes, you won’t be restricted to limited travel offers. You can effectively use the card as your own personal travel agency and redeem your points on flights, accommodation, holiday packages, city breaks and car hire. You can pay using cash or points or some of each. It’s all up to you.

You can also get home entertainment products of exceptional value – television sets, DVD players and much more, giving you and your whole family a treat. There’s a huge range to choose from.

You can also get high street vouchers with your reward points. High street shops include Debenhams, John Lewis, Selfridges, Halfords, WHSmith and many more. You can shop your heart out and get great deals with your Tottenham Hotspur Rewards card!

Reward points can also give you wine. You can take your pick from a selection of handmade estate wines from around the world. These wines have been sourced by expert wine buyers from the UK’s largest independent wine specialist.

One more thing you can do with your reward points is that you can exchange them for cash. So many options.

How can you get a Tottenham Hotspur credit card?

The quickest and easiest way is to apply for a Tottenham Hotspur credit card online.

When you apply for this credit card you must meet certain criteria. First of all you need to be 23 years old. You must be a homeowner and must be able to prove that you have held residence in the UK for over two years. You must also be currently employed and have an income of over £20,000. You mustn’t have any recent credit defaults (CCJs, current arrears or missed payments) on your credit cards and loans.

What are the other key benefits of teh Tottenham Hotspur credit card?

  • 0% on balance transfers for 12 months (3% handling fee)
  • 0% on money transfers from your credit card to you current account for 12months (4% handling fee)
  • 0% on card purchases for 3 months
  • 16.9% APR typical rate (variable)

If your interested in credit cards from other clubs or perhaps the Official England credit card, see our full list of Football Club credit cards to see which clubs have a card available.

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