Top Car Insurance Claims That Made Me Laugh

I was just doing some research for a forthcoming car insurance article for MoneyHighStreet when I found the ‘Top Ten Craziest Car Insurance Claims” on the website – they did make me laugh so thought I’d share some of them.

Having worked within an insurance broker myself I do know that there are some of the most crazy claims made, whether for car or home insurance.

Some of these car insurance ones though really did get to me – and of course they are all real claims!

You can read them for yourself on the website but my favourites, taken word for word, are

Along came a spider…

We’ve all got our fears and foibles, and many of us are terrified of one eight-legged creature in particular. However, few on this side of the world will have caused as much harm as the not-so-incy-wincy-spider that landed on one poor lady’s steering wheel on the way home.

Frightened to the point of panic by the hairy intruder, she veered wildly and into an oncoming third party.

Dogs drive in hot cars

You know what they always say about never leaving your dog in the car for long periods? Well one customer was left with more than just a guilty feeling after leaving Fido in the front seat…

After nipping to the shop to get a paper, our man got out to find his car vanished. After beseeching passers-by for information, one dry customer calmly remarked: ‘Ah yes… I saw a dog driving it down that hill’.

As it turns out, his beloved companion had climbed into the driver’s seat, catching its leash on the gearstick in turn. Result: Said dog ‘drives’ downhill and rams into a row of parked cars. Chaos and confusion ensues.”

and finally for me

The magic flying carpet

Planning a visit to the tip, one customer ties his old, battered carpet to the roof rack. Turning a corner, he brakes sharply as he realises he’s reached a traffic jam. At this point the carpet duly flies off the roof and through the back window of the van in front – whose driver whizzes off totally unawares. Saves that trip to the dump, I suppose.

Can any of you better these?? I certainly can’t!

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