Top 10 Shares For Christmas

With all the focus on Christmas, the festivities and buying Christmas presents, with the help of The Share Centre, we take a look at 10 shares that could benefit from the Christmas period.

Tesco Shares The Share CentreAlbermale & Bond

As a pawn broker, Albermale & Bond could well be busy over the Christmas period as consumers look to raise money. With the price of gold reaching a new high of $1400 an ounce, even a small amount of gold in a ring or necklace could help.

The Albemarle & Bond share price has had a great run and looks set to continue. It is not listed on the AIM market and so is unable to be held in an ISA.


With the cold of winter, followers of fashion need to adorn their wardrobe with winter wear, from welly boots and coats, to hats and scarves, and where better for followers of fashion to go than ASOS.

The ASOS share price has risen well over 100%, mainly due to the retailers launch of country specific websites springing up all over the globe. Some maybe put off by ASOS’s high share price, but if you can see past that, there is some value still to be had.


he cash and carry firm is well established in the UK market and has now made in-roads into the Indian market – something Tesco is looking to emulate. ainly used by restaurants and corner shops demand at this time of year is high. Looks good in the shorter and longer term.

British Airways (soon to be International Airlines Group)

With the merger with Iberia agreed and approval granted to work closer with American Airlines, the Christmas period could help passenger numbers as people head off for some warm sunshine or perhaps some family skiing. Nick Raynor at The Share Centre considers this not just a Christmas share but one for the longer term.


Consumers may not like the imminent hike in British Gas energy prices but shareholders will be pleased that profit margins are not being reduced. A solid company with a solid yield.


A company with an impressive product range and yield that is just under 5%. A number of products may well be sought over the Christmas period, including Lucozade to recharge the batteries, Horlicks to help send you off to sleep, Panadol to help get over those hangovers and Niquitin for that New Year’s resolution to quit smoking, again.

A great list of existing products with the attraction of a whole lot more waiting to come to market.


Considered by The Share Centre as a recovery play. The performance from its Waterstones book stores looks to be improving and a number of high profile computer games have been released recently which should help in the run-up to Christmas. Also, Susan Boyle’s new album is out which we know will be a best-seller, and do well for HMV.

HMV has managed to maintain its dividend which puts it on a yield of nearly 10%. It’s not likely it can stay at current highs, but some of it will stay.


The Early Learning Centre, which Mothercare own, will continue to be very popular in the run up to Christmas – in stores and for shopping online. They are pushing overseas, including within India and China which with the global baby boom will no doubt benefit Mothercare.


Already one of the biggest retailers in Europe, Tesco is looking to extend further, including with cash and carry type stores in India. Supermarkets historically do well over the Christmas period and with the price wars now commencing no doubt Tesco will be fighting fit.

Of course the value of investments and the associated income can go down as well as up.

Investors should make their own judgements on shares, if in doubt seek independent financial advice.

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