The Caxton FX currency card – facts and figures

Prepaid currency cards are becoming more and more popular, particularly for holiday travel money. Available from high street banks such as Lloyds or specialist providers such as FairFX, we now continue our reviews with a look at the Caxton FX currency card.

Caxton FX currency cardWho are CaxtonFX?

Caxton FX are a foreign exchange company ‘that sets itself apart by offering excellent value for money and great customer service.’

An Introduction to the Caxton FX card

There are 3 Caxton FX cards

  • Euro card – for use in the Eurozone
  • US Dollar card – for use in the USA
  • Global Traveller card – for use Worldwide, including Eurozone and Worldwide

The card uses chip and pin for security, it’s a prepaid MasterCard that works like a prepaid debit card that’s preloaded with your travel money.

It’s easy to load, online, over the phone or by SMS.

How much does the Caxton FX currency card cost?

There is no card purchase fee for the Caxton FX card and it offers great exchange rates.

There are no ATM fees overseas and there’s no commission to be paid or fees for loading money onto the card.

If you do use the Euro or Dollar card outside the Euro zone or the United States respectively there is a 2.5% charge on all transactions, including ATM withdrawals.

How can I get a Caxton FX card?

You can apply for a CaxtonFX card here – it will only take a couple of minutes.

Once your application has been processed you card will be sent within 7 days.

More on prepaid currency cards

For more background on prepaid currency cards you might find our article on prepaid ‘Currency cards – are they the best option for travel money?‘ helpful.

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