Tesco Launching A Transactional Mobile Grocery App

Tesco is launching a transactional mobile grocery app that allows you to shop for Tesco goods from your mobile – but interestingly it isn’t, at least initially, an app for the iPhone.

Tesco Mobile Grocery AppThis is a most interesting decision by Tesco who have this week submitted their Grocery App to Nokia for approval to be available on their Ovi Store.

The app will allow you to access all the functions of Tesco.com online shopping and as you’d hope all changes you make are automatically synced between your phone and your computer.

Tesco have carefully considered who their target audience is for this grocery app, busy Mums, and have determined that they are more likely to have one of the mainstream Nokia phones (including the 5800, N97, 5230 and 5530) than an iPhone.

No doubt Tesco will follow-up with other apps, including for the iPhone.

Asda are purportedly soon to launch a mobile app – it will be interesting to see whether this is targeted at just the iPhone or Android (such as the Samsung Galaxy) users too.

Already supporting m-commerce, Marks & Spencer launched a mobile site earlier this year and Ocado launched both and iPhone and an android app. Of course Amazon are now selling food and alcohol in the UK too but not specifically via mobile apps.

So what about Sainsbury’s, will they be joining their competitors in the mobile space any time soon?

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