You Do Have To Take Care When Reading TripAdvisor Reviews

I have just read an interesting article about how many TripAdvisor reviews cannot be trusted. I have had direct experience of an attempt to manipulate good reviews for accommodation I stayed in recently.

Review websites always have to treated with skepticism as generally people only take the time and trouble to write a review if they are very pleased with something, or else very unhappy about something.

Those who don’t have such polarised views generally can’t be bothered to post a review on a website. This is why you often see scores at both ends of the spectrum for any reviewed product or service.

Of course, everybody is different – has different views, moods, interests and circumstances than you – so their opinion of something may not co-incide with yours.

Having said all that, I have had recent experience of an attempt to manipulate TripAdvisor for accommodation that we stayed in during a recent holiday. So I know TripAdvisor reviews are being manipulated.

Here’s the story:

We had a great fortnight staying in a holiday cottage. During our stay there, we became quite friendly with the owners, and all in all really enjoyed ourselves.

As we were leaving, they came and said goodbye to us and then mentioned that they get 25% of their referrals from TripAdvisor. Because of that could we please post a review when we got home.

They added that they only asked customers who they knew had a positive experience and were confident that they would post a positive review.

So a few days after returning home, I did register on TripAdvisor and I did post a good and accurate review, which has now been published by TripAdvisor.

I have only one review on the site, and I notice in the comments on the Daily Mail article that some people ignore reviews posted by reviewers with only one published review, so maybe you should ignore my review if you see it.

So you have been warned by someone who has helped manipulate TripAdvisor review quality. In my case, my review was accurate, however I had been selected as someone likely to post a favourable review.

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