Switch credit cards this festive season to take advantage of many deals

British consumers are being advised to switch credit cards this Christmas season and take advantage of the many deals offered by the different credit card providers.

WWF credit cardOnline credit card resource company Cheaper-Credit-Card.co.uk said that savvy consumers should be on alert to take advantage of the best credit card terms as providers try to attract customers this Christmas season.

Credit card providers are offering a variety of special offers, including 0% balance transfers for certain credit card products and interest-free initial periods. Savvy consumers should identify the best available credit cards and make smarter decisions on their borrowing.

John Kleine, a spokesperson for Cheaper-Credit-Card.co.uk, suggested that by switching between credit card suppliers, consumers can leverage the competitiveness of the market to perpetually improve their borrowing positions.

Consumers should check out the offers of credit card providers like, BT, MBNA Rewards, National Trust, RSPCA, AA, football credit cards and others.

“The last couple of years have seen significant changes in the availability of credit, with the international economic downturn responsible for bringing lending to an almost entire stand-still.  As the credit card companies and the major banks begin down the road to recovery, there remains ample opportunity for the informed consumer to take advantage of competing rates to find the best deals on their credit card borrowing,” Kleine said.

By identifying the most favourable rates, including special offers designed to attract new customers, it is possible to realize substantial savings on credit card borrowing by being on top of the market.

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