GAP Insurance Provider Review: Surf & Protect

With recent research finding that 3 in 4 of us aren’t adequately covered if our cars are written off or stolen, there’s never been a better time to shop around for GAP insurance. Today we review the cover provided by Surf & Protect.

Buy GAP InsuranceIn case you’re new to GAP insurance, it exists to cover the difference in the amount your normal car insurance pays out for your car and the amount it will cost you to replace it – or settle any outstanding loan or finance agreement.

It’s an increasingly important form of insurance if you want to protect your car and preserve your peace of mind – 10% of people polled by insurance broker ALA admitted to having their vehicle written off over the last 12 months.

But where do you turn to when you need GAP insurance?

To help you, we recently compiled an overview of some our favourite GAP insurance providers – and to give you a fuller picture, we’re now going to review them in more depth.

Today we start with GAP insurance specialists Surf & Protect.

What is Surf & Protect?

Although Surf & Protect is the longest established dedicated provider of GAP insurance online, they don’t have the name recognition of some of their rivals.

But don’t let that put you off. This is a company with an impeccable pedigree.

Formed over seven years ago, it provides GAP insurance policies to thousands of customers. It’s authorised by the FSA and its continued aim is to provide ‘no nonsense’ products that are underwritten by financial heavyweights.

At present, Surf & Protect’s policies are underwritten by Ageas Insurance Ltd (formerly Fortis Insurance Ltd), and in the past its insurance policies have been underwritten by Norwich Union (now Aviva) and AXA Insurance (UK) plc.

What kinds of insurance does it offer?

As a specialist GAP insurance provider, Surf & Protect offers all the main types of GAP insurance.

Their main products are:

  • Invoice GAP Insurance Plus+. This is a policy to cover the difference between your car insurance payout and the original price of your vehicle – or the amount outstanding on your finance agreement at the time of the claim. It’s available if you bought a vehicle aged up to 6 years within the last 105 days.
  • Replacement GAP Insurance. This covers the balance between your car insurance settlement and the equivalent cost of replacing the vehicle new-for-old when you claim. This policy is available for new or nearly-new vehicles less than 105 days old.
  • Retail Value GAP Insurance. Open to you if your vehicle is less than 6 years old, it will pay the difference between the car insurance payout and what your vehicle was worth on the day you bought the GAP policy.

How do I know which kind of GAP insurance to choose?

This is a real strength of the Surf & Protect website.

All you have to do is enter your vehicle type, whether you bought it from a dealer or a private seller, how much the car is worth and the dates of registration and purchase.

Based on your answers, you’ll be given quotes for appropriate types of GAP cover, plus a checklist of the key benefits of each.

For example, if you bought a car worth £12,000 from a dealer and registered it today, you’d be offered quotes for Replacement GAP Insurance and Invoice GAP Insurance Cover Plus+.

The quotes are also highly reasonable. For example, the quote for a 3 year GAP Insurance Plus+ policy, with a claim limit of £5,000, came to only £135.83.

But don’t worry if you want a higher claim limit or a longer or shorter cover term – the site allows you to adjust both of them.

How easy is it to buy GAP insurance from Surf and Protect?

You can have cover in place in next to no time.

Simply choose the GAP insurance you want, adjust the cover term and claim limit to suit and then proceed to checkout.

The buying system is simple and highly recommended.

Do I qualify for any further discounts?

Yes. Buy a GAP insurance policy from Surf & Protect and you’ll qualify for 10% off all further GAP insurance policies from the company (while this offer is live).

Overall, Surf & Protect offer great deals on GAP insurance and have one of the easiest-to-use sites around.

So, if you don’t want to risk being out of pocket if your car is written off or stolen, check out the Surf & Protect website today.

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