Super fast broadband from BT

BT is launching its new Super fast broadband service next week. Called BT Infinity it uses fibre optic technology and will offer download speeds of up to 40Mb/s, rivalling its competitor Virgin.

BT Infinity super fast broadband

Original BT broadband services use copper wires and generally run at speeds of 8Mb/s. By moving to fibre optic cable broadband service, BT will be able to offer speeds of up to 5 times the previous fastest available.

Before this new service from BT, the only company offering a fibre optic broadband service was Virgin with their 50Mb/s service.

To take advantage of a fibre optic broadband service you need to live near a fibre optic cable. Around 50% of the country already live close enough to a Virgin fibre optic cable. At the launch of the BT Infinity service only a few hundred customers will be able to connect to it (in Muswell Hill in London, Glasgow and Cardiff) however, it’s expected this will rise to some 4 million by the end of the year.

The entry cost for the BT Infinity broadband service is £19.99 per month. This has a maximum upload speed of 2Mb/s, a limit on monthly usage and a £50 connection fee.

To get an upload of 10Mb/s, the cost will be £24.99 per month. This includes free connection and unlimited monthly usage.

The Virgin Media XXL speed has a faster download limit of 50Mb/s, it doesn’t have a monthly usage limit but it does currently have a slower upload speed, although it is apparently testing 10Mb.

You can get more information on BT Infinity on the BT website.

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