Staycation – With Or Without Travel Insurance?

With many Brits deciding to holiday at home this year, take a staycation, research shows that many will do so without adequate travel insurance in place.

Travel InsuranceAccording to, some 25% of those opting for a staycation will not have appropriate travel insurance cover in place.

Of course travel insurance does become more of a priority when travelling further afield but as Bob Atkinson, travel expert at comments; “It may seem a waste of time having travel insurance for holidays within the UK, but you can still be caught out by events beyond your control.

For example, during the recent ash cloud disruption, several internal flights between UK airports were cancelled. With many annual travel insurance policies including UK travel as standard it can be worthwhile, especially if you travel regularly.”

He added “It is also important not to get caught out when travelling to the Channel Isles, as you do not get free NHS care on the islands and a good policy is essential if you fall ill.”

According to the survey, 56% of people would take cover out if travelling to the Channel Isles and 81% would if travelling to Europe.

Of concern is that some travellers view the European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) as an alternative to having a travel insurance policy to cover their trip, even when travelling outside of the EU!

An EHIC entitles the holder to the same level of free medical care as is provided to nationals of the European country you’re visiting. They do not provide cover for loss, theft or damage of your luggage or personal belongings and also don’t come with benefits such as personal liability cover.

Even if you have an EHIC you do also need to make sure you have the best travel insurance in place for your holiday destination.

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