Stay Secure When Online Shopping

When online shopping it is important to take steps to stay secure, one option is to use a prepaid card and use it for all your online activity.

Online ShoppingAs we’ve recently seen with the security breach of Sony’s PlayStation Network, cyber crime is real and as online shopping grows ever popular it is vital to take steps to stay secure when doing so.

Leading prepaid supplier EZPay Ltd – supplier of the Escape Prepaid MasterCard ( – has produced some handy tips to help.

  • Use a prepaid card – whether it be retailers or online video game providers, prepaid cards will be accepted just like traditional debit and credit cards. The big difference though is that if they are subject to a hacker attack the criminals can only access the funds available on the card, limiting your liability.
  • Use that one card for all online activity – if you are ‘hacked’, your details ‘stolen’, you’ll only need to cancel one card, saving you time and heartache. You can top up the card before you shop – top up with what you need but don’t load it up with too much cash.
  • Have a unique password – Lots of people use the same password for all sorts of online activity which means if it is hacked, your data is at risk across multiple sites. Using a unique password will ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • Use a secure network – Unprotected wireless connections can potentially be seen by others within your network area. Have a password protected and encrypted network to stop prying eyes.
  • Put up the barriers – Be aware that there are a vast array of ever changing, clever viruses that can steal data from your PC. Protect your PC with up to date with the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

Paul Smith, managing director of EZPay Ltd, explained: “We’ve come up with this simple checklist so consumers can transact safely online. Using prepaid cards is a simple solution to losing large sums since you cannot spend beyond the amount loaded, so even if your chosen retailer is compromised only the amount loaded on the card is at risk.”

Useful Links – for more information on the Escape prepaid card.

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