STA Travel Mastercard Experiences For BBC Moneybox Programme

We recently wrote an article about the STA Travel Mastercard which elicited a number of comments from users who have had not very good experiences with this credit card.

The BBC MoneyBox programme has picked up on this article and will be broadcasting a feature about the STA Travel Mastercard on Saturday 16th October 2010.

They are looking for people who have had experiences of this card, both good and bad, to be interviewed for the MoneyBox programme.

Don’t worry, the interview will not be live, but this is an opportunity to put your point of view across if you want to.

So as to protect your email address, if you would like to participate in this programme, could you please leave a comment below and we will pass your details onto the BBC for you.

Time is of the essence though, as it will be broadcast on Saturday!

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