Sony PSP 3000 – where can you buy it cheapest online?

If you want to buy a Sony PSP, you might want to take a look at the Sony PSP 3000. This is one of the most popular Sony handheld gaming console releases, but where can you buy it cheapest online?

PSP 3000This Sony PSP 3000 release features improved colour display on the screen. Screen glare is greatly reduced enabling you to enjoy any game outdoors even on a very sunny day. The graphics here are paralleled with PS2. You can make the most of playing 3D-CG games and other media too.

The widescreen LCD enables you to comfortably see full details of games and movies, even. Plus, you get to view your game or movie through the video-out port. Connect your PSP 3000 to your TV and have massive fun.

A wireless network can also be created via its LAN feature. You can easily connect to the Internet and set up a local wireless network with more than 10 of your friends.

There are so many colours to choose from when you buy a Sony PSP 3000 – silver, black, blue, pink, red, lilac and others.

Where can you buy the cheapest Sony PSP 3000 online?

Firstly, the RRP is ₤149.99. As with a number of the games consoles, the Sony PSP 3000 is very popular and any deals on offer tend to sell out quickly.

As of 31 December, the best deals that we can find are:

  • Amazon – ₤139.99
  • – ₤139.99, Slim & Lite Blue Console Base Unit + LittleBigPlanet (Little Big Planet)
  • John Lewisgreat offer of £134.95 for the PSP 3000 console in pink or ₤159.30, Black Console + FIFA 2010 + Free 1-yr. guarantee or extend guarantee to 3 years for ₤50
  • Currys – ₤179.89, Black Console + Gran Turismo + Fifa 10, available to Reserve&Collect
  • Tescogreat offer ₤135, Console + Fifa 09 or £145 for Silver PSP 3000 console and 2 games

And here are some reviews about the Sony PSP 3000 so you can see just what others are saying.

‘When I found out that the PSP 3000 was coming out I was really excited about the brighter screen, anti-reflection and in-built microphone. Basically I spent an extra £20 getting this and yes, the screen works much better in brighter light, the colours are definitely sharper, the microphone works well (I made a skype call with it and my headphones in my ears) and the case is more resistant to finger prints.’  From Amazon

‘It is cheaper and the huge advantage is that you can play UMD PSP games. This means that you can pick up preowned bargains and sell or trade old games in for new ones. I would also like to add that the PSP GO does nothing that the PSP 3000 cannot. Buy this instead if you have any common sense!’  From

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