Smartphones, Tablet Computers And TVs All Compete For Our Time

It seems we now spend more time staring at screens than we do sleeping and our homes have turned into treasure troves for opportunistic burglars.

Smarptphones, ipadAccording to research from esure home insurance, Brits now spend 11.8 hours staring at screens, whether that be their smartphones, e-readers, tablet computers such as the iPad or TVs.

In fact, almost 70% of Brits say that they regularly ‘multi-screen’ by using more than one piece of technology at the same time, such as using their phone while watching television.

All this means though that we now only spend 7.3 hours sleeping – and 13% say they actually struggle to sleep if the TV isn’t on.

Nikki Sellers, Head of home insurance at esure, said: “TVs, computers and other whizzy gadgets like the iPad and e-reader have become central to peoples lives, so it’s not surprising that the average person spends so much of their time staring at a screen.  Our screen eccentric lives have also turned our homes into treasure troves of digital devices.

We would encourage homeowners to make sure any expensive gadgets are not left in view so as to attract opportunistic thieves.  It is also important they ensure they have sufficient insurance cover to replace their gadgets should they get lost, stolen or broken.” comment: It’s fascinating to see how much time we all spend on our screens. From personal experience I know how addictive these can be and how ‘strange’ it feels if you have to spend even a few hours without access to any computer or smartphone.

Why is there the compulsion to respond immediately to a Facebook comment or Tweet on Twitter or even respond to an email. Everything does seem to have to be done with such urgency. Perhaps a little time out is required?

With so many gadgets around the house, though, there really is the temptation for opportunistic thieves. This is even more so with the warmer weather when unlocked doors give burglars open entry.

Think carefully about where you put your valuables and certainly don’t leave them on display. And don’t leave your doors and windows open if your house or room is unattended.

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