Sky Combination packages – What are they?

Sky, as does Virgin Media, offer combination packages but what are they, what’s included and why should they be considered?

Sky combination packagesGet a Sky combination package to enable you to See, Speak and Surf through their Sky TV, Sky Talk and Sky Broadband services. recently undertook a review of broadband bundles,which you might find useful to refer to.

Essentially, Sky combination packages are broadband bundles – bundles of TV, phone and broadband services from one supplier, Sky.

A key reason to select a package or bundle is because often there are special deals to be had, usually helping you to save money on your combined services.

There are currently some great Sky combination packages designed to meet different usage needs and budgets.

For example, at the entry level, Sky+ Starter, currently (as at 2 Nov 2009) at £18.50 per month, you can get

  • Sky+ with 2 Entertainment Packs
  • Sky Talk with unlimited (subject to certain criteria) UK evening and weekend calls
  • Sky Broadband Base which includes up to 2Mb download speed.

There are then other combinations which add to this base level. For example

  • Sky+ with Movies at £26.50 per month – same as the entry level + Sky Movies 1
  • Sky+HD with Movies at £44.25 per month – same as the entry level, + Movies pack, + HD pack

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