Ski reviews – Why ski hire?

If you’re off on a skiing holiday you may be considering whether it’s best to buy or hire skis – so as a start for our ski reviews we consider ‘Why ski hire?‘ and ‘Where can you hire skis from?

Should you hire skis?

Should you hire skis?

Why ski hire?

There are lots of reason you might be better off to go for ski hire rather than buy skis for your skiing holiday.

Reasons such as

  • You only ski once a year, or even less
  • You’d like to experiment with different ski styles or to try a new or different ski make or model
  • You’re a beginner or improving skier so your needs are changing
  • You’re fed up with your own skis and just fancy a change (yes, that’s me!)
  • You’d rather not have the hassle of getting your own skis serviced or storing them
  • You prefer to snowboard and just want to ‘have a go’ at skiing
  • You want to avoid the extra airline costs for ski carriage

If you’re smiling at any of these and thinking they apply to you then it probably means you’d be better off going for ski hire, not buying your own.

Where can you hire skis from?

There are a number of ski hire options, ranging from at your ski resort to hiring skis online, either collecting them in the UK before you depart or in resort or variations on these options.

There are a number of ski hire companies, offering good quality equipment at good prices.

Many give you a strong incentive to hire from them by offering heavily discounted prices compared with ski hire once you get to a resort.

Opting for ski hire in the UK means that ideally you need to make the booking well in advance of your ski holiday, however, most companies recognise that we’re not all that well organised and can offer services up until close to your departure date.

Remember though, security of skis is vital, whether they’re your own or hire skis.

Unfortunately theft is common so take care when leaving equipment outstide restaurants etc. and never leave skis together – don’t make it easy for the ski thief!

Damage is also common.

If you have a travel insurance ski policy it may cover you for your rental equipment – make sure check though before you set off on your ski holiday.

We’ll be continuing our ski reviews, considering a host of key matters relating to ski holidays, starting with ski hire and indeed other ski equipment hire, such as boots and clothes.

We’ll look closer at why book your ski hire online and who the key ski hire companies are, where you can get the best ski hire deals.

Meantime, if you’re thinking about some family skiing, you might like to check out our article on ‘Ski Holidays -Finding the best family ski resorts

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