Should You Be Considering British Gas Online Energy Deals?

As the costs of gas and electricity keep rising it is important to pay as little as possible for your energy so should you be considering British Gas online energy deals?

British Gas Online Energy DealsOne of the big six energy companies, British Gas is probably one of the best known suppliers of gas and electricity.

As a company it has a long history of supplying domestic and commercial gas and moved into dual supplies once the energy markets were forced to become more competitive.

British Gas offers a number of tariffs: flexible which offers their standard rates with no cancellation fees or tie-ins; Green which uses a percentage of renewable energy and pre-paid for those unable, or unwilling to obtain credit facilities.

They also have their online energy tariff which provides their lowest prices with the convenience of managing your account and bills online and payments by direct debit. There are, however, cancellation fees should you cancel before the end of the deal period.

The cheapest British Gas online energy deal is called Websaver 11 which British Gas claim offers a saving of £135 per year when compared with their standard tariff.

Websaver 11 is designed for households spending more than £75 per month on dual fuel or £46 per month for just gas or £30 per month for only electricity.

Whilst other energy suppliers also have similar online tariffs, there is an interesting add on with Websaver 11 which could well swing your decision in favour of this deal – EnergyExtra 11.

EnergyExtra 50 provides fixed price one-off repairs for your home’s gas central heating, plumbing, drains and electrical wiring, for only £3 per month. Any repair costs the fixed price of £99 under the scheme.

So if you opt for this energy plan you can take on EnergyExtra and not have to worry about a seperate HomeCare package. There are four different products available – you can get the full details on the British Gas website.

We think the British Gas online energy deals are worth considering if you are looking to switch energy supplier, however if you like the sound of Websaver 11 don’t hang around as it has limited availability.

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