Scrappage schemes galore!

We already have the car scrappage scheme and the boiler scrappage scheme and now there’s talk of a radio scrappage scheme. What will be next I wonder?

I’ve just read in the Daily Mail that ‘Old radios could be the next target of a scrappage scheme ahead of the switch to digital broadcasting’ and that ‘Retailers are backing an initiative that could include a 20 per cent discount on a new digital radio if an analogue model is handed in’.

The reason for these discussions is that the analogue radio signal is due to be switched off in 2015. This though is not seen by all as a positive move. Firstly whilst 90% of the population can get digital radio coverage, it’s patchy for some. Loyal FM listeners aren’t going to be too chuffed either, let alone the cost of disposing of millions of old analogue radios.

With recognition of the potential scale of concern over the switch, discussions are going on with retailers such as DSG (owners of Currys) and within the Government and the Lords, all looking at ways to ensure a smooth transission.

But should we expect all this ‘scrappage scheme’ help? I’m all for saving money, whether it’s £2,000 on an old car or 20% on a new radio, but is it right? Is it the best way of introducing new, better services and products or enticing people to go green? I’m not totally comfortable. That said, I’m not sure I’ve a better answer at the moment.

Interestingly enough it seems that many car radios are unable to receive a digital signal and will need a special adaptor – let’s hope it’s a small cost special adaptor, otherwise will this lead to a further need for the car scrappage scheme for many as they feel the need to replace their cars?

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