Save money on your wedding by asking for reductions

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While weddings can be extremely expensive, happy couple”s can save money on their big day by asking suppliers to give them reductions.

According to You and Your Wedding magazine, there is nothing wrong with cutting back on expenditure by seeking deals and asserted that people should not let their Britishness get in the way of bargain nuptials.

Editor Colette Harris suggested that bride and grooms to be could offer to pay half of something upfront and then see if they can get a discount on the rest.

“We’re so British, we daren’t say to somebody, ”Look, can you do me a deal on that? If I pay you 50 per cent up front can you reduce the costs for me?” It’s always worth asking and the politeness thing gets in the way of some people. Say you’re getting married in a registry office or a church and you know there are a couple of other weddings on the same day, you could ask the registrar or vicar for the names of the other couples getting married and see if you could all share the costs for the decoration of the venue.”

Ms Harris went on to say that recycling flowers is another good way to save money on a wedding.

“You can recycle your flowers from the church; you could ask your florist to pack them in the van and take them onto the reception venue for you so you are only paying for one lot of flowers.”

A recent report from Civitas found that 30 per cent of co-habiting couples blamed the cost of a wedding as their reason for not getting married.

As well as asking for reductions, it is also worth considering Wedding insurance. Whilst this may seem an extra cost, it could save you money in the long run. Consider what would happen if the Wedding had to be postponed or even cancelled because a key member of the Wedding party had an accident or what about if your wedding photos didn’t come out or your ring or wedding presents got lost or damaged? Taking out the appropriate Wedding insurance can cover you for these and other issues that may arise around your big day.

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