Samsung Galaxy S II Takes Top Spot

The Apple iPhone and HTC smartphones have been kept from top spot by the Galaxy S II handset as the most popular phone based on live searches and sales data from

Samsung Galaxy SIIThe slender and swift Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has kept the number one position for another month. (And when you can get it free on a contract from Tesco from £30 per month no wonder it’s attractive).

That said, the Mobile Tracker, HTC continues to dominate the top 10 with six different models including the original Wildfire and Desire handsets.

The HTC Desire HD fell 6 places to number 10. This was largely as a result of discounts to the original Desire and Wildfire which are both now available for free with contracts starting from just £10 a month.

Google’s Android operating system remains popular and powers 80% of the top 10 handsets.

Ernest Doku, technology expert at, comments: “Samsung can’t rest on its laurels though. The influx of feature-rich phones like the HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D, both introducing a unique glasses-free 3D viewing experience, could seriously shake things up this summer.

We’re also expecting a number of new BlackBerry handsets and of course can’t ignore the enduring rumours of a fifth model of Apple’s iPhone on the horizon.”

Top 10 handsets (tracked by live sales and searches on, as at 27 June 2011

# Handset Powered by Movement
1 Samsung Galaxy S II Android No change
2 Apple iPhone 4 (16GB) Apple No change
3 HTC Sensation Android 4 places
4 HTC Desire Android 1 place
5 Blackberry Curve 8520 RIM 4 places
6 Samsung Galaxy S Android 2 places
7 HTC Wildfire Android 1 place
8 HTC Wildfire S Android 2 places
9 HTC Desire S Android 4 places
10 HTC Desire HD Android 6 places comments: “With knowledge from personal experience the Samsung Galaxy is an excellent smartphone and with the enhancements with the Galaxy II no wonder it is in top position.

A quick look across the main mobile providers and as at 29 June 2011 we found the following deals for the Samsung Galaxy II:

Vodafone – free on Pay Monthly plans from £36 – See the Vodafone website for more details and other plans

Tesco – free from £30 per month – see Tesco for more

3 – free from £35 per month on their One Plan

Orange – currently out of stock

O2 – free from £42 per month – see the O2 website for more

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